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4th Annual Asian Women in Leadership Summit

Asian Women in Leadership Summit, held annually in Singapore with several other regional editions, is a step towards assessing the role played by Asian women in businesses globally. Women in leadership roles are not a corporate novelty. On the contrary, this is one of the most far-reaching demographic realities in businesses the world over. AWLS recognizes this core reality and is capitalizing on the opportunity it presents.

Over the years, this summit has managed to get in Women Motivational speakers in Singapore from across the world and create a wonder networking platform. Our wide array of partners and increasing database of members highlight the impact that this Women’s Leadership Conference in Singapore is creating. Meaningful, consistent and comprehensive is how we will like to look at our effort in creating sustainable value.

The annual summit in Singapore along with the regional chapters is probing exactly this in a constructive and consistent fashion. Some of the key issues of debate and deliberation include.

  • Investing In Women Leaders’ Talent Pipeline: The panel touches on the topic of how companies are investing in bottom line to strengthen the pipeline for upcoming women leaders.
    • Overview of Global & Local Challenges: The panel focuses on different challenges, both global and local, in maintaining a diverse workplace and how companies are handling them.
    • Lessons & Learning from Male Champions: The idea of the dialogue is to focus how organizations are creating male advocates for change and champions to create and sustain diverse workplaces.
    • Gender Neutralization: The aim is to sensitize the corporates about gender neutralization and focus on a comprehensive policy against gender discrimination as a trend.
    • How Companies Are Recruiting Women Returnees: An in-depth analysis on how companies are bringing back women leaders and the impact on the overall bottom line.
    • Millennial Emerging Leaders: The idea is to understand how next generation leaders will lead, and how they'll create a diverse and inclusive space in the modern workplace.
    All in all, the AWLS 2019 aims to take forward the theme of gender parity in corporate leadership in a comprehensive way.


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