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I did enjoy the one on one chat at the conference and I hoped the participants enjoyed it. One sent a note to thank me for being authentic!

Jeanette Wong

Thank you for a well run event, Deba and I enjoyed it a lot. Best wishes.

Dr. Koen Wilms

Had a great time at the Asian Women in Leadership Summit. It’s always great to all come together and share our views on diversity. Thanks to Derek Soh as our JLL champion of change. Looking forward to more of such summits.

Megan Walters

It was indeed very inspirational and the energy in the room was fantastic! Gender balance is what we should strive for because let’s face it, we’re nowhere close to gender equality in the workplace. Fantastic to have a brutally honest discussion at the inaugural Asian Women in Leadership Summit and great to have stalwarts like Jeanette Wong discuss her experiences. Once again, well done.

Prerna Suri

Congratulations on the success of the conference!  Know how difficult it is to pull these things off and you did a great job!

Alicia Yi

It was a pleasure to be involved with the conference – I enjoyed it very much.

Vinika D. Rao

Congrats on such a great success of your inaugural conference! It was nice to be part of the panel and hear the views of other panelists as well.

Vivek Kumar

It was indeed my privilege to have been on the panel discussion at the Asian Women in Leadership Summit. Loved the energy that was brimming in a packed conference room.

Bhaskar Katta

Congratulations to a successful and well organised forum! That most of the audience stayed till 6 pm is a testimonial of an engaging topics and enthusiastic community.

Victor Tay

It was an incredible honour to be amongst so many women leaders at the Asian Women in Leadership Summit. There has been some progress made towards gender parity but progress is not moving nearly as quickly as it should. We all have our part to play in making the workplace, society and the world a more equal place for all.

Theresa Goh


Many thanks for the opportunity and for a well-planned event. It was a great panel and with some very interesting discussions within that hour. Cheers.

Sylvia Chim

Communications Manager, Diageo

Every session and panel was engaging and inspiring. As a person who heads learning and organisation development, this day was great learning journey not just for me but for all participants who attended it. I have attended so many women leadership summit but this was the best.

Savitha Nayak

APAC Learning &Organisation Development Leader, RedHat

Very realistic, truthful and interesting insight shared. All speakers are amazing and inspiring. Thanks!

Wanyi Lee

Recruitment, Google

This is an excellent platform to learn from the experts above diversity and inclusion.

Rosana Tung

Regional Marketing Director, Sealed Air

Sessions were really great. I liked this one in particular as I could relate it a lot to my own journey. It was very inspirational and the speakers are great.

Anshu Prabhakar

Sr Manager, Oracle

It was both refreshing and validating to be among like-minded men and women who champion and advocate gender diversity in leadership

Aileen Dualan

Chief Scientific Officers, Novartis

The women speakers have been truly phenomenal. I have attended a lot of conferences but this has by far one of the most enjoying I have been to.

Samantha Lee

President, Conjunct Consulting

Diverse pool of speakers provided a great variety of experiences and useful insights.

Hong Tang Ee

Business Manager, JP Morgan

Excellent organized event! Love every minute of it! Good panel of speakers and Moderators.

Zeenath Kuraisha

CEO, APAC Sales & Marketing Academy , JP Morgan

It was very inspiring and good insight.

Catarina Longman

Trade and Culture Officer, Embassy of Brazil

Speakers are excellent. Funny, Confident, Highly regarded.

Samir Faizi

Head of Business Operation, Sanofi

Really enjoyed panel discussions. Also really enjoyed the “pledge” at the end. An empowering and inspiring event with candid diversity narratives.

Aurelia Robert

Senior Recruiter, Google

Insightful and engaging. Love the speakers on panel, learned a lot and probed many question to think about.

Christina Thung

Assistant COO, Lunch Actually

The sessions are very knowledgeable on diversity and inclusion. Very inspiring.

Shelly Shi

Finance Director, Sealed Air

Harshika and Sushma both are very good speakers. Cheryl Lim was impressive too. Jeanette Wong is very good and inspiring.

Christine Zhang

Vice President, JP Morgan

Excellent platform for men/women listening to speakers inspirations, there is always point from someone which will inspire you or wake you up. Your potential of doing something different in life.


Senior Project Manager, John Wiley & Sons

Invigorating, insightful, valuable, enjoyable

Edwin See-Chung Leong

People Energizer, APAC eLearning Science Consultant

Inspiring and grounded. Well done. I will attend the next one.

Thella Teo

Marketing Director, John Wiley & Sons

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