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Singapore 2020


Gender parity is  a moral and economic imperative.

Women deserve equal opportunities to realize their fullest potential. Leading organizations are making concerted and conscious efforts to overcome “unconscious” biases that may have seeped into their organizational processes. They are revamping their recruitment, retention and talent development strategies to ensure there is a level playing field. These companies are backing up well-meaning intentions for gender parity with thoughtful process design.

It is observed that companies that promote women leaders are usually also organizations who also promote diversity in other areas. Such companies have inclusive mind set and corporate DNA which makes them an attractive place for talent. Could that be the reason that the financial performance of these companies is consistently better than their peers!

AWLS Summit provides a credible platform for business leaders and policy makers to exchange ideas on challenges faced by women leaders and how some of the individuals and organizations who have overcome these challenges, learn from their experiences to create a corporate culture that promotes gender diversity in a sustainable way and leads to the greater success of women in the executive leadership and board level roles. AWLS also provides an excellent platform for leaders- men and women to network with likeminded professionals across industries. 2020 agenda includes the following topics;

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